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Accept QRCode payment means for customers worldwide


Limonetik is the only platform specialized in alternative and international payment methods, providing expertise in both marketing and electronic banking. To find out more, visit our website:

Limonetik's expertise:

Shops sell Products & Services to customers worldwide. Limonetik Payment Platform was designed to meet this challenge, to help shops, mPOS providers or cash register systems to offer any international payments methods.

Adding a new payment method to conventional systems means:

  • One integration operation to mPOS or cash register system or a new mPOS deployment
  • One sales monitoring interface
  • A new daily operation overview
  • One new cash flow to be reconciled

Limonetik enables all payment methods to be integrated at once, and in a single flow.

Limonetik offers:

  • A free installable application for Android mPOS or cash register systems or an all-in one already setup mPOS
  • A Rest API (XML/JSON) to manage all payment-related operations for already mPOS or cash integration system deployed. Information to use this API are in reference pages.
  • A BackOffice to keep track of your transactions, to manage your Limonetik accounts ... and many other things.

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Accept QRCode payment means for customers worldwide

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