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It's possible to apply all payment process in a marketplace context. The marketplace could be B2B or B2C, with mono-vendor or multi-vendor baskets.

Limonetik offers:

  • A Rest API (XML/JSON) to manage all payment-related operations. Information to use this API are in the Reference pages
  • And a BackOffice to keep track of your transactions, to manage your Limonetik accounts ... and many other things.

Limonetik provides other important features for marketplaces like:

A bookkeeping management platform:

Limonetik can do account management for all the merchants in a marketplace:

This system allow to have a good view of the all the payment received by a merchant and all the fees applied to accounts. There are account statements to see all the financial movements on these accounts. It's also with our partnership with payment institution a legal solution to get a marketplace. To see your account details, Limonetik provides a store value platform (dynamic account statement) to each vendor and to the marketplace (view my account).


For compliance reasons, Marketplace can't see account details of its vendors.

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