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Fees management

We can manage fees in different cases. It could be on an order or for account management (enrollment).

Enrollment fees are automatically charge to the marketplace according to commercial negotiations.

There are several solutions to apply fees to vendors:

  • The marketplace can apply commercial fees directly with the webservice Charge of the API. If this solution is used, commercial fees have to be set with this call. Conversely, the marketplace can refund fees directly with the webservice Refund.

  • It's also possible to define a configuration at the marketplace creation. It's possible to set rules always applied at the payment. Several rules are available like fix amount, percent or custom with multiple rules (with minimum or maximum charge fees).


Other fees

As described in payment services contract, Limonetik will charge automatically marketplace's account of KYC update cost. Limonetik will also charge automatically marketplace's account of payment fees.

Updated 7 months ago

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Fees management

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